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I should also add....

Hubby just got a couple of job offers. Both will move us. Either within our current state (OK) or to NM. She lives in TX (we moved from there a year ago, the affair started over the phone as expression of loss over us losing our closeness in proximity and constant contact). "A" expressed to me the other day that jobs aren't working out for her where she's at, so she is considering moving to her mom's until she gets on her feet. We would of course want her in the same town as us so that they can see each other more and she and I can spend time together as well (friends) and we can let the kids play together. Our initial idea, if she is open to being his significant other, is to move her with us, until she finds a job and a place of her own to settle into. That's how serious we are about this commitment. This was my idea, so yes, I'm perfectly fine with it. Hubby's new job would be able to provide for all of us until she gets on her feet, so no worries there.
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