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Default just my introduction :)

Hello all!

Well me and my fiance have known we are poly(triad trangle 1male 2female) for about a year now and have been trying to find someone for about 6 months. We have tried talking to people we know, friends, and MANY dating sites and haven't had any luck, just 3 girls who were posing to be interested and used us to get away from their home lives or turned out to use us for the attention i guess :/.

Either way, long story short we are tired of looking for people on "normal" or even on bisexual dating sites because no one understands on there what it is we are looking for. So we trolled your forums for a few days and are posting here because you all seem very informed and seem to have good hearted people here and hope to either find someone someday or be pointed in the proper directions because we can't seem to find anything :/. If you guys know of any dating sites for polyamorus couples, then let us know.

Oh and we live in the Northern KY/Cincinnati area btw.
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