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I've been feeling a little lonely lately. :/

I've visited Gia, Eric and Bee twice since I last wrote here, and and will see them again on Saturday. It's been wonderful spending time with them, it really has. Bee is just like a magic engine of cute! But he's fussy, like just about any new infant, and he doesn't have his latch perfect for nursing, which causes Gia a lot of discomfort (she's always had painfully sensitive nipples but she's committed to breastfeeding). She's in a lot of pain still overall, her body feels weird to her, her usual issues with anxiety are being exacerbated by being trapped in her room on bedrest and by worrying about this huge responsibility she now has before her, and on top of all that she's beginning to suffer some postpartum depression. So, it's not like she exactly has any energy to send my way. Don't get me wrong, I actually really enjoy taking care of her and helping out. But I miss her too, so much. I wonder, often, what our relationship will morph into once she's healed up and settled into her new role a little more. Will we, at any point, be lovers again in the physical sense? It'll have been a year in October since we were last intimate. Growing closer to Eric has been one silver lining - we cooked together the other night, which we'd never done before, and he continues to go out of his way to tell me how much he appreciates my presence.

As for Davis, we were spending a LOT of time together for a couple of weeks there and lately he's been wanting to take a little more space for himself. Nothing drastic, and he's always there when I need him, but I can feel the shift and combined with everything above it just leaves me feeling a little unsettled and melancholy now and then.
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