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Originally Posted by violet View Post
Welcome to the site hun!

Another place you could try exploring (if you don't already - pretty common site within the lifestyle...) is There are a few groups that are dedicated to Poly as it relates to BDSM.

HMA and I have a few close friends who practice Gorean - like he said, not our cup of tea (though I do own a kick-ass Panther Girl outfit...), but if it's comfy for you, the power to ya. Fetlife also has several groups dedicated to the Gorean lifestyle.

I hope we aren't making an incorrect assumption as to your BDSM tendencies, but the name "kajira" is kind of a dead give-away. Enjoy your stay!
Your assumtion is correct and THANK YOU so very much for the links and information. I have been searching all over the internet for places to go and interact with others of this particular branch of Poly lifestyles and it is not easy to find. So, thank you!
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