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Default Tips on viewing threads

Often I see people post a comment that they couldn't keep reading past a certain point in a long discussion thread, something similar to this:
Originally Posted by idrider47 View Post
I only made it up to page 24 of FreeTime's thread . . .
I just want to share what makes it easier for me to read threads here, especially long ones. I have my User Options set to the maximum number of posts per page - which is 40. It makes reading threads so much easier because you don't have to keep clicking on the next page and the discussion just flows better.

For example, at the time I am writing this, Freetime's thread has 313 replies, or 314 posts altogether. If you have your user options set to show only 10 posts per page, that is over 31 pages to click through. I, on the other hand, only see eight pages on his thread right now, which makes following the discussion and going back to read earlier posts infinitely easier and less time-consuming.

Here is how to set your viewing options. Go to:

User CP (top of page) >
Edit Options (under Settings and Options) >
Thread Display Options (scroll down) >
at Number of Posts to Show Per Page, select "Show 40 Posts Per Page" >
Save Changes (Scroll down to bottom of page)

Voilą! Easier thread reading!
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