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With all due respect I am not buying it mag. Bottom line is we had an arrangement. I work, she watches kids. When I get home I help with kids. That was the deal. On any given day her job (the kids) may suck. And same for me. And as a team we support each othe through those bad days. No where in that deal did it say that when things get hard we take it out on the other person, blame them for everything wrong in the relationship, and ultimately pull away. This is the second time I have had to hear that she is in love with someone else. The first time she realized after the fact that she was not in love she was just infatuated. I stood by her that time (because there were a lot of issues with the other guy and the other guys wife). And i defendsd her and protected her and even helped her with her lawyer because there were legal issues incolved So I apologize for seeming victimy. But how many times do I have to be the one taking all the heat? Its getting old. So call me whiny. Call me a victim. But I keep bending over and being asked to break. And I have been loyal the whole time and stuck to my end of the deal.
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