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Today is so much better. No freak out today, much more acceptance and forgiveness of the hurts that were occurring.

Feel like I definitely have my head above water today and I'm not in any danger of getting sucked down today.

Today I think it's going to be ok moving forward. With all the goings on yesterday, RBR realized that she had to slow down and isn't holding it against me as the "bad guy that is trying to control her", and I think that was exactly what I needed. We talked through what was causing the problems and developed some ways to make sure that we weren't repeating those same mistakes. I'm sure we'll find others, but we'll deal with those as they come.

After reading so much of FreeTime's thread, I feel like I should know that other meltdown's are coming, so we talked about that openly. I definitely do not feel like we are "there", and honestly, I've read here that people that are years into this still have freak outs. I think this is just part of this lifestyle, so I'll just strap in and hold on.

Happy Thursday!
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