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Sage I am so trying to do all the right things. She asks for space and I give it to her but then she says I am being cold. All i did was tell her last night that i would be downstairs with the kids instead of laying in bed with her watching tv. Didnt want her to think I was avoiding her, just trying to give her that space. But she interpreted that as being cold. I can't win. today she said she wants to spend the day with T and said she hopes that I am ok with that. In the spirit of honesty I told her that i understand she wants to go, i won't stop her from going, but that it hurts me a lot to just let her walk out the door knowing where she is going. And she says that makes her feel like I am smothering her. Shit,i can't have feelings too?

I am on Xanax now to calm down. I am seeing a counselor today. Her conselor told her the threesome thing is fine, but the issue really lies in her finding herntrue happiness. I agree, but not sure I am prepared tonsit back and let her push me away and run to T while she searches for it. And I am an even bigger idiot because I had a good relationship going with a woman (not pihysical) who was helping me and mynwfe gotmsonmad when she saw ll
The texting we were doing. So I broke off that communication because igniter my wife ! See, people can make hard decisions based on other peoples feelings. So now i have all of you to talk to and my new counselor and that's it. You are all amazing, but a friend would be so good right now. Qqq
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