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Like others here, I met my gf on OKC. We clicked immediately and have been together for 2 1/2 years.

Since gf is of a younger generation (age 33), brought up on the internet, and very alternative in her makeup and tastes (transgender, pagan, pansexual, kinky, handicapped), and since she is shy, she doesn't meet too many people just in day to day living that would be a good match with her. All of her relationships except for one (unsatisfying emotionally) in high school and one other since (her previous long term partner) were started online.

I also had limited places to find someone after being in a LTR for over 30 years. My vocations as a nanny and florist didn't bring me anyone who was available to date. I've never gone to a bar looking for a hookup.

However, through OKC, the gf and I have formed connections with the local irl poly/kinky/queer community and now do meet new people through the ones we originally met on OKC. No new romances though, just friends. I think when we go out as a couple, people tend to think we are not available, even if they know we are poly.

OKC has brought me a few lovers that turned into LTRs of a few months to 2 years duration. Nothing nearly approaching the intensity of the love I share with the gf though, which is frustrating.
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