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Thanks for your insights sAge. I am numb today. Just can't take it anymore. I am pulling way back and stopping my fight to keep her. I don't think it's going to work out for us and I think I will end up with a divorce. Not just because of T but because of the polluted creek you refer to. I don't think my wife has the capacity to be happy with me ever again. The baggage is too heavy. What i don't know is what happens between now and the moment we decide to separate. Do I live in pain every day all alone wondering? I have kids to care for and I thank god for that. Because if it wasn't for them I would probably just give up on everything. I have been trying too hard for too long to make things right and good. And it's worn me down to nothing. When I am not in pain or pissed off i am starting to feel numb.
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