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kicked another pebble today.

PN expressed to me his concern about my not understanding how he feels loved by me. I need to give him lots of touch and I don't always have it in me after a day of being mauled by my clients. It brought up a whole slew of issues around sex and where we are at with out sex life, not to mention where we are at in general with our marriage...

It ended on a good note and we both have some ideas/reminders about how I can be approached for affection and how I need to approach him more... that we are growing and changing into who knows what and that we still love and want to be with each other. We both agreed that we have no idea where we are going but are happy that we are both happy and living lives we enjoy... that is the main thing. The rest is not worth over thinking on.

Its been a talk that has been a long time coming and I feel close to PN tonight.
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