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Yeah, looking back at it, her behavior kind of sucked. In the end, she felt that I could just be disposed of without concern or accountability because her feelings had changed. At least she had to have some accountability with me as I don't see the need to put up with being shat upon in such a way. I won't just pretend to be friends with those kinds of undercurrents. The boy has been showing me some compassion and concern and genuinely wishes to maintain a friendship. I've been very clear about how I feel about how his wife treated me, but I won't make any friendship with him about putting him in the middle of whatever hard feelings exist between her and me.

I feel strongly that if you bring someone into your life and form an attachment, that now makes you accountable to them even when you decide to break things off. That goes for any kind of meaningful relationship. People are not disposable.

I will say that most unicorn hunting couples don't approach it with a sense of accountability like that.

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