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Thumbs up Got the message loud and clear! Thank you all!!!

Thank you all for your comments. One of the things I love about this forum and its members is that no one pulls any punches. I knew Iíd get good comments and that if I was wrong youíd all tell me to pull my head out of my ass....well, I hope you heard the big popping sound....head extracted successfully- thank you all very much!

I had a good talk with E today and then read these comments and talked to Rider when I got home. E is very understanding and sympathetic to Rider and I heard you all loud and clear- slow down!!!

Rider and I are about to write down a few boundaries that apply for a short time while he gets comfortable with this whole thing. Iím sure you all can see that heís an amazing person and Iíd like to say for the record that I am extremely lucky to be married to a man who is willing to work with me through the pain, pain Iíve inflicted upon him.

You are all awesome! Thank you for your criticism, advice, wisdom, and compassion.

NeonKaos, you made us laugh! Weíve been on vacation for the past two weeks so no, we havenít been working or going to school or anything. Itís actually pretty easy to do...morning sex, breakfast, shower, after shower sex, lunch, nap, groggy afternoon sex, dinner, sex. Bang, 4 times! If we averaged about an hour per session that left us plenty of time in the day to fight with family members at our reunion/vacation. See, easy peezy.

Chimera, the trick is lots of lube. I guess itís like anything, you build up a tolerance.

Take care all and thanks for turning a really shitty day in a really productive day and one that even included some humor.
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