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Hi All
I want to say thanks so much for all the support today. It's been a rough day, but we got through it and with the help of all you fine folks I think we actually have a good outcome.

I only made it up to page 24 of FreeTime's thread, but there were a huge number of parallels, things going the exact same directions. I am looking forward to getting to the rest as soon as possible.

DblDub talked me out of doing some stupid things that would have further hurt the situation, and RBR heard the group loud and clear that she needs to slow down. We've been working out the details of what a slow down will look like, so all in all it's a pretty positive outcome that we can move forward with.

Thanks again for all the support, and the roller coaster starts to climb again!

married, heterosexual male currently in an a newly opened relationship; married to RunBabyRun
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