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Thanks for the reposnse. I have been looking for local employment but it has been challenging. I am an executive and my family is used to living on an executive's salary. So the number of open positions for me in the local area is limited. Nonetheless, I am trying.

So as she is miserable in her life taking care of the kids, she is driving the luxury SUV she wanted, going to her personal trainer 3x a week, getting all the possessions she ever wants, getting her nails done, etc. So yes, her scheudkle is nuts. I get it. And i thank her for taking care of it all the time. And when I get home, I take over. I cook, shop, clean, do laundry, drive kids everywhere. And thats typically Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Again, I get that its hard for her. I am not underestimating the effort and and annoyance of taking care of the kids. But we all have hard shit to do. ANd running from the one person who is willing to help in any way possible isnt the answer.

Thats what really bugs me about the NRE. Its easy to have a new relationship with someone when you dont have real life to worry about. Lets see, she can drive to his apartment that he shares (single guy), talk about all the fun things, feel real good, make love and go home. And there I am with all the kids, all the bills, all the health issues with our parents, all the things that happen in real life. I wish I was in a fairy tale with a hot woman so we can talk about movies, music, love, and the pursuit of happiness too. But thats just not real.
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