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Being in a polyamorous relationship (mono/poly to be specific) with Redpepper, the advantages are huge for me!

If she wasn't genuinely polyamorous I would not get to share her love and intimacy and she would not get to share mine. I also would not have discovered friendship with her husband and a broader circle of friends. Polyamory has challenged me to work on my communication abilities in certain areas and allowed me to realize how infinitely deep I can love in an intimate way.

I have learned lots about myself and people in general. Also, there is the selfish side of me that feels freer to take the time to pursue other interests such as motor biking that I enjoy immensely. She keeps me true to my other passions besides her and I am overwhelmingly passionate about her. If I sound completely head over heals for Redpepper it is because I am...she is amazing!

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