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Thanks sagency. You are right on many fronts. I do plan on seeing a counselor tomorrow. But my goal is to have her help me figure out how to best execute a separation not to find out how to make me a better poly husband. I am fucking done with this shit. She wants room she can have it. She wants T, she can have him too. I am tired too. I travel all over the country and get my ass kicked every day so that I can provide for my family. Do I take that out on her and say I need a woman. A break, anything? No. I do a job I fucking hate so that everyone I am reaponsible for is taken care of. Fuck all this 'we all deserve all the love we can get bullshit'. We all are adults that have rePonsibiliry to those we brought into this world. She wanted the kids too. Sorry they are hard to care for. But thTs fucking life. But now I have to pay for it cuz it's hard. Face up to your responsibilities. Then u can talk to me about polyamorous relationships. This is simply selfish behavior, running from responsibility and being a coward.
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