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[/QUOTE] I could see myself having a larger chosen family, however. Cuddly, but not sexual friends. Committed, intimate companions who are not also lovers. In fact, I'd really like that!] [/QUOTE]

I very much wonder if something like this is possible however not limiting sexual nature of the group. I have a great group of friends that don't have a close family bond so we've found it in each other. We spend holidays together, celebrate successes and I know for a fact if I ever needed anything one of them would be there. I like the idea of everyone having different strengths and skills so that you always have the help you need. None of the relationships (besides my boyfriend and I) have become sexual however I feel very intimate with the others and comfortable past just the normal friend feelings. This type of "family" feels so normal I wonder if anyone else has experiences such as this. Or any poly's who have developed a sort of "family" through their other relationships.
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