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Possibly super duper good news. Seamus might be able to visit for a week or two in October.

He was planning in June to come in September, but then his mom lost her job and it became obvious he wouldn't be able to afford it. Then he got a raise and he could afford the ticket, but not the stay. Then my mom broke up with my dad (oh yeah, I didn't tell you guys about that) and left, and I contacted my dad again to support him after not talking to him for years, and he said he's got extra rooms all over the place and I'm more than welcome to keep it company, and it became conceivable that Seamus and I would have a place to stay together...
For the record, I'm sharing a one bedroom with a friend of close to 15 years, but while we can make it work with the two of us, it wouldn't be possible at all for a third person. For one thing, the one bed (where I'm sleeping) is smaller than Seamus is, and the couch is bigger but in the living room we wouldn't get any privacy (it's linked to the kitchen and hall).

Anyways, I'm ecstatic. But at the same time I don't want to get my hopes up too high, he was supposed to be able to make it before and then it fell apart, that could happen again.

Still, I really hope it can happen. If he can't make it, I might not get to see him in person for a year, depending on whether I'm allowed to travel while I'm applying for a visa to the US. Often when you apply from another country, you're not allowed to enter the country in the meantime, and getting a visa takes 6 to 8 months according to our sources, and we can only start when I'm officially divorced in January at the earliest.

It's weird. I know October is far. But just knowing that we might see then makes everything easier, less depressing, less hard. It's definitely something we both need, getting to see each other a little bit in the middle of being apart for a long time. I really hope it does happen.
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