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In my experience anyone who basis their relationship on the looks of someone and how active they are sexually is shallow and not worth my time in the long run. If this is what he is doing then if I were you I would let him go. I don't hold any value in that kind of thing personally. I haven't seen anyone look super hot their entire lives and really, when it comes down to it and at the end of the day, the only thing worth holding on to for me is strength of character and what someone has achieved in terms of bettering themselves and the world. Besides, one persons idea of hot is not necessarily anothers.

Having said that I would work on my self in all areas of my life and create a beautiful balance of mental, physical and social health so that I have good self esteem and present to the world like the person I want to be. Part of that is looking at what my needs are and voicing them so that they can be negotiated. It sounds like you have done that with him. Do you trust that he loves you? If not suggest ways that he can express that and then leave him to do them so you can build trust. Time does so much for the feelings you are having. Especially if you get about doing your own thing and relying on your self for love as much as him and others.
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