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Interestingly I never wanted any children.

My first one was a 15 year old's dumb behavior. She is so much my personal miracle. Her conception forced me to really consider what my priorities in life were and what I was going to do with my life. She turned 18 last month.

The second is my stepson and I chose him 100%. He was nearly 2 when Maca and I ran into one another again and that boys life was in such turmoil it was enough to break anyone's heart. I couldn't hold myself at arms length. He needed a mothers love and I knew how to give it-so I did. He'll be 14 in April.

The third was Maca and I's "last". Hahaha. He's my angel. The sweetest most compassionate, caring person ever to grace my life. He would give his life for anyone in need in a heartbeat and he's always been that way. His heart breaks for people as if their pain was his own. But his joy is just the same. If you have a joy he lives it as his own as well. He'll be 10 in February.

The baby-she's our gift. C gave her to us and she's really pulled our fractured lives together in ways no one expected. For her Maca would do anything. They have a bond that surpasses any expectation. But she's also spit and fire! That girl breaks hearts with her demands and insists that the world WILL spin the way she says it will or else! She'll be two and a half in December.

They are work, but two or more is actually easier than one. When there is two they can entertain one another which takes a HUGE amount of time from a parent when there is only one. It's actually much easier with all 4 then it ever was with only the oldest (it was me and her for 6 years). She was an easy child-but kids require a certain amount of attention-and if there is only one, well they get it all from you!
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