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Default My intro

Well since I asked for some advice on a different board I thought I should do an introduction.

I am a bi-curious female married with 3 children-in my 30s. I have known for a long time I am poly-inclined. (inclined-because I have never had a relationship outside of marriage at this time.) Would have probably been more active in the relationship department if I was not so busy with the 3 kids. Have been married for 11 years together for 12. We talked about it 8-9 years ago and decided on an open marriage. (He is more open marriage inclined-me more poly, but he knows that!)

Most of my family, and his dad know we have an open marriage. Though that has caused some complications when he has a relationship and I don't! One of these days I will start a blog and mention when my family met his girlfriend! LOL!

We are not actively in/seeking other relationships right now, but if they happen, they happen.
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