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Originally Posted by RunBabyRun View Post
OK, so quick husband, IDRider47 and I opened our marriage a month ago. It was a good, well thought out and talked through decision but the idea was mine. Iíve been thinking about this for months now (see our blog posts if you want more info). I had someone in mind; he didnít have anyone at that point.
You have only been at this a month and you have already had sex with the bf. Well, DUH of course Rider is going to have issues, it's only been a month. Slow the fuck down. That might mean only seeing the bf once a week and no overnights for a while (more than a month) or something a lot less than you are doing now. I've read your other posts and Rider's post and my impressions of your actions and this post is that you are charging up the trail at full speed while your hiking partner is abandoned a mile back suffering from muscle cramps and dehydration. I see your apparent unwillingness to slow down and even take a step back if needed as completely selfish and insensitive.
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