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In other news, Romeo is really crushing on his crush right now. I need to pay attention to how I feel about that, which is kind of difficult in the wake of the whole Knight thing.

He really wants to date her. He's getting some feedback from her that he thinks means she's into him, but he thinks she's wary of the situation (relationship with me, open sort of relationship, implications that she's going to play second fiddle or something). He mentioned that he thought maybe it would help if I talked to her to sort of give her the "OK", but I don't know how that'll come across. I like her, and I definitely approve of her for Romeo, but she and I don't talk much, so I think it'd be kind of weird to just pop up out of the blue and say "Hey, btw, it's totally OK if you date my boyfriend!" I mean, what if he's mis-reading her signals and she isn't actually into him? Double weird!!

Plus I don't want to come across as pushy or domineering (which, admittedly, I can be - I do exert a certain amount of control over Romeo's life, but this is not against his will and he absolutely DOES have an equal say-so... he just tends not to utilize it) and look like I'm trying to mold their relationship for them. So... so far I haven't done anything.

On the one hand, I'm still sort of reeling (maybe not quite reeling... that's a really strong word. This is more a quiet ache) from the whole Knight thing, so I am inclined to wait until I'm "over it", but on the other hand, what happens if I wait? They could still progress on their own, just without my involvement. I think I'd like to be involved enough to reassure myself that I'm still important to Romeo. That's my only concern; that Romeo and I are still together. I told him the other day that to me, he is family. I elaborated on that today and said that even if our relationship ended, I would still be there for him as support in whatever capacity he needed. I would like to be that important to Romeo also, but obviously that simply is or is not. It's not something I can cause to come to pass by any specific action on my part.

It's weird to think about Romeo's new crush while recovering from mine. Haven't quite untangled my feelings enough to decipher them.
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