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Default Introducing myself.

I am new to the poly world (and kind of in denial about it actually I think). We started out as swingers (I'm new here so if that is frowned upon SORRY! Don't throw knives..... It's true though.).

Myself and the hubby of a couple we "played with" had an immediately connection and it was not purely sexual. It has grown over the last year into whatever THIS is. My hubby refers to him as my BF and his wife refers to me as his GF. We've never sat down the four of us though and talked about it. I've talked with my hubby at LONG LENGTH about it all and he is 100% fine with everything. He and BF have actually become very close friends. The wife has issues off and on. Sometimes I think everything is A-OK and others she confuses me. We have definitely had some bumps in the road and I realize we will have more. I am glad I found somewhere to go though that I can ask questions. There have been several times I literally had no where to go because no one else really knows we are poly or swingers. Nice to find this board.
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