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Originally Posted by River View Post
Can we eradicate jealousy?

No. We cannot.

But we can make him our friend, and thereby get to know him well. And in coming to know and understand him well, we will likely find that his fear is insubstantial and unreal -- an illusion, a hoax, a fraud, an imposter.
I like it that jealousy is a "he" in your post River since so often people in popular culture ascribe it to women

I'm sure this point has already been brought up countless times, but there's the flipside to the jealous person. I'm not inclined toward jealousy and have found my lack of it to be an issue even in poly relationships. Just as we work toward understanding jealous feelings, we also need to work on understanding our need for them. That is, why we might feel upset if our SO *isn't* acting jealous. We're also conditioned to interpret jealousy as a way of showing how much we care for the other person, as twisted as that is...
"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."James Baldwin
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