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I thought about spending the night with Lover last night. We all went over as a family. Boy was he a cranky butt. I came home really hurt. Not because of him personally but because of the depression. I fight with it, and seeing him fight with it as deeply as I do was unsettling. I will give him a couple days breather then go over alone. Other part of me just wanted to end it. I am so tiered of being with older (I said older not old) peoples. All 50 and late 40's. I want some fresh energy like mine. Late 20's and 30's. I want a friend that has kids like I do. Some one that doesn't judge me. I would like for once to not feel like an alien. I feel so stuck sometimes. I think how easy it would be if I could just leave it all behind me.
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.
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