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A night alone is an awesome thing. Very few of those in my 4 kid household!

I do a lot with the kids and C always helps out. Maca works day shift so he's not here when most of it's being done, but he helps out with things like bringing in the wood, cutting it etc (wood stove). He also helps get the kids going to burn off burn barrel trash which helps keep our trash bill down.

I find that kids tend to be really good at chores if they have a goal in mind that works out to competitive play time. Like telling my son (he's the 9 year old) that I am going to do the dishes, he has to vacuum and we'll see who gets it done first AND BEST. (have to add the best or it will get done half assed). Kid will put his mind to the matter and vacuum things I didn't even see!
Also we'll do things like, ok lets get these (list of what needs done) as soon as we can so we can go to dinner and you can have dessert! Then we'll divvy out the chores between whoever is here and we'll be done a HECK of a lot faster than if I did it alone!
Another bizarre thing I do-I put a load in the washer every night before bed, then first thing in the morning I put it in the dryer. No matter what. That way-even if my day is busy cuddling ALL DAY and I'm too lazy at least a load got clean! And I always put my clothes on my dresser when I leave the laundry room, then at night while Maca and I are talking and winding down, he makes the bed (I don't know why we make the bed every night before we get in it????) and I put away my clothes. Course I don't iron-if someone has ironables that doesn't work quite so well!
I also got all the kids trained early to rinse their dishes. Even Trin who is only 2 rinses them (terribly) with help to get up to the sink. Now the other three all wash their own dishes (we have no dishwasher) as they go through the day. Every time a meal is made-I put dishwater about 2 inches deep in the sink so it's ready when they are done eating, cuts down a LOT on kitchen chores.
The worst is the kitchen floor and the bathrooms. Those are chores we all dread and admittedly we practically draw straws to get out of them (all 9 of us)! I don't know if money is an issue but maybe make a deal with your son that if he will do one of your chores periodicaly-like putting everyone's clean laundry on their dressers-he gets a dollar each time he does it?
Also-if Mono is so naturally motivated maybe he has some suggestions for things that will make it easier or smoother... didn't he have a daughter??? I think that I read that, maybe he could come up with suggestions of ways the little guy could help out that the little guy would enjoy and feel good about doing since he knows him too (I obviously don't).

My kiddo feeds the dogs and waters them every day. Makes him feel good because he knows it's slippery and steep getting in the gate. I have a damaged disk in my neck and it's dangerous for me to do it. So he not only is doing a chore-but feels like he's being mommy's little knight in shining armour-great for his self-esteem....
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