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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
I like the "jealousy buddy" idea. I have a friend I talk to when I feel jealousy croping up.
I like it too! I also think I know who I could use. Funny part is, she was my best friend, she had an affair with my husband (before we were open and now poly), things ended very ugly with her, but now, we're friends again and talk nearly every day. I actually think that if I had a choice on who my DH chose as his girlfriend, I could honestly say, I would choose her. The circles we make! He loved her, she loved him, I loved her as a sister, she loved me as a sister, DH loves me, our children all love each other. All of three of us can talk about anything with each other. But, I may have burned that bridge by ending their affair and she lives in another state.

So, even if she wasn't the girlfriend, I really feel that I could talk to her straight and she would most definitely set me straight if I'm having a jealousy fit.
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