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Yeah... it would have felt a bit less unfair, I think, if I'd not found out on Facebook.

You're right about the former ex. I've already extended the olive branch through Knight. Whether the message gets through, or whether it's well received is not up to me. I'll let it be.

I don't know how I'm going to act like a friend around Knight. I was soo tempted to talk to him today. About what, I don't know. There was no point. Contacting him under that mindset wouldn't be contacting him as a friend, it'd be reaching out for the connection that was lost.

No kidding, I really don't feel like patting myself on the back. I feel like crap. I felt OK when he told me, I felt OK afterwards, but the sense of loss is creeping in.

I went jogging tonight to try and get my mind off things, or at least to DO something instead of sitting and thinking... Knight sent me a message on facebook while I was out, with a sort of apology in the form of a link to Jason Mraz' Absolutely Zero. And the floodgates opened, the tears just started running.

OK, so I guess I'm hurt. Or it's the loss that hurts. Or... I don't know. Something hurts. I guess I need to heal before I can go do the friend thing.
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