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Thanks for the support Carma.
I do know that RBR is trying, she just doesn't understand so things aren't lining up as she wanted them too.

Its amazing how much of a roller coaster this whole thing is. I think we'll find a way to smooth things out over time though.

RBR and I have worked it all out, learned from our mistakes so we can try to not repeat them, so I think we're on good ground again.

It's weird how things change, just a few months ago I don't think I could have ever imagined we would be where we are.

RBR is now firmly headed off down her poly path. I'm still searching for what I want to do exactly and how I want to do it. I'm looking to meet new folks here in Boise, but it's really hard. I think the mode for this time is just to be open and accepting, love RBR and support her, and then see what comes.
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