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Thanks LR, yes I need to include my boy more. Mono does a ton of work. He has been in a marriage for 17 year and knows what its all about. He does lots of stuff while he's around. My kitchen is the cleanest ever, lawn mowed, he even put in new base board heaters last week! Something we had not been using for three years as we don't know how to change them and the housing rush has made it impossible to get an electrician. We have heat because of Mono!

I think I need to make it all more fun and inclusive, maybe watch a movie while we do laundry or something...
I think we just haven't had enough alone time lately. When I go to his house its like a holiday. I love that, it just hasn't happened enough as of late.
Next week is Mono' s birthday. I plan to be sick that day and we have worked out with my husband that he will see our boy to school so I can stay the night and not have to get home. A whole luxurious day! Woahooo! Can't wait.
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