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Default division of labour in a poly family

So I was wondering what peoples experiences are with being in a poly family and dealing with day to day life.

My husband is going away for the weekend and Mono is coming over for most of the weekend. It isn't unusual for him to be around a lot, but when he is over we hang out mostly and enjoy each others company. While I love spending time with him I have a hard time getting things done that need to get done. For example the four loads of laundry that has piled up in baskets in the bedroom, not to mention the three still to do. I have the couches to steam clean, on and on... Dusting... Okay I won't think about it. I feel as if I should drop it all to entertain and make our time special, but as I also have our boy its not like it is alone time.
Mono is content to just hang out and helps out a lot. I just don't want him to think that he comes to our house to be used as a minion in our crazy family life. After all he lives alone and has tons of time at home to relax, get things done, zone out. There is never time to do that at our house. Not to mention that somewhere in there I would like to have my own time to zone out and maybe do stuff on the computer, get a run in or two. Something I only get to do if I cut into my sleep time. He is looking after my boy for a couple of hours so I can go to my studio, but I feel bad about that as he will be getting no time for himself.

While I know we need to talk about a balance to our weekend and need to work it out I was just wondering mostly is anyone else experiences this and what they do to create a balance.
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