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Sorry, we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

Maybe the word "sex" should be replaced with "intimate friendship". To me if you are seeking what I consider intimate friendship, you are expecting the inevitable promise of sex. If you find yourself considering a polyamorous relationship with an existing friend, the difference between the deep platonic relationship that may already exist will be the desire and realization of sex.

I have not met anyone that would state they have a polyamorous with someone that they are not, or have been, sexually active with.

It really doesn't matter though. It's only an opinion that has little bearing on my incredible relationship with Redpepper and her husband. I have better areas to focus my attention than trying to understand how each person approaches a polyamorous love style.

I can appreciate most, but don't expect to understand..nor do I expect others to understand mine fully. And trust me..I have some weird issues LOL!!

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions..if we all agreed there wouldn't be a forum!!

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