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Default Musings after a few months!

I had a birthday on September 16, and realized it was the most wonderful birthday I have had because I feel a new truth in my life. The first couple of months in our poly lifestyle had many of the normal ups and downs I've heard described repeatedly while reading these forums. Macbeth struggled with jealousy and envy related to the deepening relationship with my boyfriend, he struggled with finding someone and had envy of my closeness with my boyfriend.

I often felt ready to throw in the towel. Macbeth continually told me he was accepting of the relationship developing, but whenever he had difficult emotions I felt the need to rescue.

On my birthday he gave me the most beautiful gift I could imagine. A charm bracelet with three charms, one representing him, one me, one my boyfriend. He reminded me that any time I might doubt his acceptance, I could touch these charms and know this is the lifestyle we both want.

Only a mere week after this difficulty, Macbeth made a nice connection, and is now seeing two other women. Both relationships are developing nicely, and my relationship with my secondary is deepening daily. Many thanks for the wisdom shared on these forums.
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