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Originally Posted by sagency View Post
Z (N? L? Decoder on the fritz! *whack!* *click*)
Haha! It is really not helping that the letters that I chose are nowhere near their actual initials.

I think maybe we do have a different approach to things; I'm finding it useful to talk about how I feel with her, and share it, and process and dissect it until I understand from a rational point of view what I'm feeling and why. I thought it would help her to do the same, but she now feels like I want her to defend her feelings to me. Which was not my aim. Maybe I pushed too hard; I was just tired of seeing her miserable all the time and feeling so guilty for it.

We're going to have a chat tonight on neutral ground. With tissues. My plan is to try to explain how I feel to her, and not to have any expectations for her to understand or be able to reciprocate right away.

Thanks for your thoughts, folks. I'll keep you updated.
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