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You too are a joy to "listen" to on here and I thank you for your public displays of support, love, affection and good modeling of what relationships can be when people love each other so deeply and take their commitments seriously.

LR, you are a gem and a dedicated woman to the one you love. I am sure that spills over to the others you love in your life... heck, I know it does as you have shown your love for others over and over on this forum. Maca, you are a lucky man to have a woman such as LR to put you as number one in her life. I am sure you are just as amazing, or she would not of picked you to be so.

Trust that LR loves you and trust when she tells you that you won't be abandoned or left for someone better. In doing that you will move forward from those old patterns you are in and heal.

Know that I, and probably other who have grown to care about you, are sending our love and wrapping you up close with it so that you can find peace, answers and healing.

*big hugs*
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