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Originally Posted by ourquad View Post
I have been feeling like I was living a lie with them and I just couldn't keep doing that since honesty is so important to me.
This is how I felt before we came out two months ago. It feels so good to not have to be living like that. It went against everything in me.

I'm not sure if I should congratulate you or not. I wish I was at that point where I could see clearly the benefit to family knowing, but I have put them through so much pain and concern in two months that I am just not there yet. You have had three years to come to this and I think you were very wise. If my parents didn't live just down the street I think we would of been wise to wait that long also.

Good luck my friend. Coming out has rocked our boat severely and has made us doubt what we are doing. I grasp on to how I felt before and try to remember that it's temporary and we will get back to that. I know that the love is still there! Thank goodness we had a glimpse of that or who knows what would happen.

I sincerely hope that it all goes really well and in no time they are easy with it and have ut their concerns aside...
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