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I think me and PN are all good Love

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

It becomes obvious to me sometimes that PN is not where I am or Mono is about the arrangement we have. He sees him as a tenant I think sometimes.

I also see myself as a tenant. There is no negativity in that. I like that feeling because it keeps my individuality and independence. That is why he and I like separate laundry, kitchens and living spaces.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I thought he saw him as a roommate who happens to be a metamour, but no, I think he is waaaaay behind on getting with the program that Mono and I are on. I forget that he doesn't ever go downstairs to see Mono or hang out, I do.
There is nothing new with this Lilo. In general I don't hang out with anyone besides when I ride. Normally you are the only person I have into my place. Even in my last two places you were the only visitor. I'm uber private with my home time...I'm wierd I know I like getting the bulk of my socializing at work or at pub nights and camping. PN is again very similar to me in that sense. We do friendships much differently than you. It's not a bad thing, just different. I see PN more than any other person besides you. We get plenty of face time.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
It makes me nervous. It makes me nervous that the two of them would not be friends if I was not in the picture.

This is an interesting point. PN and I are bonded in a very interesting way. That bond won't go away but that does not mean we would be hanging out together all the time. We would likely do our friendship the same way that we do friendships with everybody else. We're very different people in our passions and our social circle. He'd be saving the world and finding internal peace and I would be riding around, sitting in coffee shops watching people, and hangin out for the occasional backyard party.
The big difference is LB. He's a part of my life as I am a part of his. Our bond would bring us together more often. We would always be connected through this journey, Lilo.

There is no doubt that you are the glue in this relationship and family structure. A "V" without a point is not joined. LB would be that point to some degree I think. But I think everyone is good Sunshine.

Please try not to dwell on "what ifs". Just let our love and lives move along this path. We've been doing pretty good so far

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