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I'm kinda bummed today. I feel like texting or calling Knight, but I'm not sure what the point would be. I'm disappointed it didn't work out, but I guess I'm not surprised, and even if he hadn't ended things, I think I would have. Things kind of quit "clicking" between us at some point between my brother's freak out and our condomless fuck up. I guess we screwed it up. Or maybe it just wouldn't have worked anyway, given his remaining feelings for his staunchly mono ex (well, not ex anymore).

I feel bad that his girlfriend dislikes me now, without even knowing me. I have something of an urge to try and reach out to her, to try and reassure her that I respect her relationship with him and I'm not going to try and push any boundaries, but I don't think that would help anything. Knight says he'd like us to still be friends, just sort of go back to where we were before this whole thing. I'd like that, too, but I think I should stay away for a bit, to try and let things settle.

He says his girlfriend is fine with us hanging out as long as boundaries are respected. I wish I could talk to her directly, though. I have a feeling she's really not comfortable with me being in his life at all, and is trying to be tolerant for his sake. I guess it's not my business. I can only go by what he tells me. It's not like I know her.
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