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One step at a time lover. One step at a time.
As I said this evening-you are a perfectionist and that is AWESOME in so many ways-but no one-not I, nor you, or anyone else is perfect at everything they do the first time. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. You are coming across some of your weaknesses right now-that's not a bad thing-it just means that right now is your time for growth.
Interestingly-it's a time of growth for me too. The biggest difference is that for the first time in our whole marriage-we're doing it together.

I'm sorry if you feel like I aired your dirty laundry. That wasn't my intent AT ALL. I just needed suggestions because truly I felt like there was nothing and no way for me to support or help you. It helps to have other people tell me there are things I can do-and what I can do to support and help.

I love you, so much more than you ever will know. I'm not leaving and you ARE awesome. You mean so much to me, to C and to Em. Not to mention our children. We love you, we need you and we want to see YOU love you the way we all love you.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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