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My pledge to myself for the weekend is to give J-kun space. I think after this druggingly long week it would be good for this thing as it develops. So. Pledge made.

Time to muse...

I'm worried about the man, he's been pretty stressed out the last couple of days. Of course I can't help but think I'm contributing to this...but then I say STOP to my negative subconscious...because he told me that his week has been full of ups and downs, smiled, and said I was the up.

For a point of reference, J-kun (enthusiastically) agreed to sleep with me Monday night after he, A-san, and I went to a local club. I stayed the night there, had a far too much fun, and still get a fire in my groin thinking about it.

Before we hooked up he had told me he had slept with another girl in our class a few times. It was a casual thing...she's kinda a freak in bed, I'm told. She had said very specifically that he was NOT her boyfriend and the two or three romps were just booty-calls. However she's started acting weird...apparently she had been badgering him about not acting like her boyfriend at the club. J-kun is trying to find a way to tell A-san he doesn't want to do anything with her anymore. I don't want to get directly involved because...well...everyone in our class knows I'm married and while I love poly...scandal and drama is not something I'm into.

So...I hope that it's something that goes away quietly. Not really for me, but for him. In addition to this stressing him out, I know school is getting to him (I'm feeling the mid-term slump as well) and he told me he had a big fight with his dad this week. I didn't ask him about that...even if I wanted to. I felt it was more respectful. Though, I need to find a way to let him know that he can talk to me...I can just listen...even if he's worried he'd just be bitching.
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