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Allthough it feels as though LR is airing my dirty laundry here she has stuck with me and talked to me and tried to help me.I have allways fealt second rate.I have allways tried to be number 1 and for a long time I thought I was but it was just a tool to NOT deal with my insecurities and fear of being left alone or for being left for someone better.

Im not sucidal btw, I asked LR if the meds I was trying had side affects of sucidal thoughts.(Was experiencing random fleeting thoughts of how I could die) not how I could kill myself.

I really think if I could be taught how to KEEP digging through my feelings to the root then I would have a chance of accepting the abandament issues I have and get past them.See counselor tomorrow and going to ask if he will see me solo everyother week.I want to make sure LR and I still get are communication lessons still.
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