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Today's news have nothing to do with poly, but they're good news for me and my future.

I have been struggling to find jobs as a translator, and a few years back I had started a project of translating a few webcomics. But each one of them failed one after the other for various reasons, and at the time I was stressed out about a lot of things, then we moved to Canada and I was a bit depressed... in short while I thought about it a lot I never did much about it.

Well since leaving Canada I started working on it all again. Since May I have been updating one comic three times a week, hosted on its own website, and it's good for my portfolio, but it's also not really getting any hits.

But today I had a talk about another of these projects, and the author wants to give it another try. It's different in that he'd host the translation on his website, which means more people seeing it, and the comic is more famous as well. On top of that, it's got hundreds of pages, which means hundreds of pages to add to my portfolio (the other one I'm currently updating is a total of 90 pages and a single story, which is good to show I can finish things, but much shorter and less impressive).

It's for webcomics so I'm not being paid (the original authors aren't making money either after all) unless it gets printed and sold in French, in which case I'd get something. But mostly, it's actual work (I haven't had a "real" job for years, everything I did was on the side without anyone to respond to) and also it's going to fill my portfolio which has been rather empty.
I'm hoping to get more official gigs this way. The goal is to be able to find a job once I'm in the US for good, and the more experience and reputation I have by then, the better.
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