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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Maybe you should find a girlfriend of your own?
Hey Sage, glad to see you hanging out with us

From what I have seen, finding a first girlfriend when ones partner is starting a new relationship for the first time also is not generally a good idea. When someone starts a new relationship it becomes important to maintain a connection more than ever. When two people are in the throws of NRE that can be near impossible and can actually drive partners apart. Sometimes it creates NRE for poly itself and that can mean a huge drop in emotion when everyone wears out on NRE.

It does depend on the circumstance though. But from what I know, after the fun times are dying down and one partner wants to cosy up and re-connect, they are left with no one there to do that with because they are not on the same wavelength and out being still high on NRE. It can cause more problems and trouble that its worth in the long run.
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