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Red face Green Eyed Monster

Welcome. Sorry you're struggling right now. The green eyed monster rears his ugly head in our quad occasionally as well. We, (my husband and I, and the other married couple that completes our quad) see a therapist to help us keep the integrity of our primary marriages intact, and she has helped us tame the beast on more than one occasion. My girlfriend and I have very little jealousy between us, while the fellas have struggled with it the whole year and a half we've been together. The therapist believes this is partly because she and I are best friends and have an underlying friendship and trust. She has recommended that the guys work to strengthen the bond between themselves so that trust and friendship can maybe squeeze out the jealousy. They are both heterosexual and not wanting to develop any physical relationship, so we're just talking about strengthening the friendship bond that they already share. I have also noticed that just telling the others that they are having feelings of jealousy seems to take some of the wind out of its sails. Hope this helps a bit.
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