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Question New, want it to work, but struggling at times

Hi forum! I have been married to my wife for 19 years and we have kids ranging from 8 to 14. A few months ago we started a threesome with a nice guy (no male to male contact). Things were going great and mynwife asked if she could also see him independently while I was at work. I travel a lot and she gets lonely. We agreed that this would be ok and now she has fallen in love. Surprise surprise. Anyways, he is a nice guy and he makes her very happy. She insists she is totally in love with me and that she wants us to stay together forever. But she also insists that she can't break it off with him. I believe her when she says everything is good with us. But now that the game has changed and it's emotional and love, I am struggling a little. I fundamentally want this to work. She is happier than ever. He is a good guy. Our threesomes are fantastic. So I am looking for advice about how to manage my worries about losing her and being jealous occasionally. Looking forward to communicating with people who have been through this. Thanks in advance for advice!
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