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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I believe the tests do not reveal any STIs that may have been very recent, so you should still keep using condoms and get tested again in another 3 months or so.
I think you're right about the tests not revealing recent infection, but I think we're fine. Unless Knight lied to me about his sexual history and habit of test results, though, we should be safe - Knight's and my test came back negative, and his previous tests (given his habit of testing every six months even while celibate) were always negative, so there's no reason for either of us to have contracted any STI from one another. I'm not worried.

In other news, Knight and I talked today, and he said he doesn't want to do this anymore, so we're no longer exploring a relationship beyond friendship. We're on decent terms, although I'm a little pissy that he waited until after announcing his relationship with his ex to the world to tell me about it. I understand, though. He was wary of hurting me.

Anyway... I'm feeling a little sheepish about this whole thing right now. I think we moved way fast, and got way stupid. Lessons learned. (YES, I've got the condoms lesson down pat. Any future outside relationships WILL involve condoms, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.)

I'm kind of attracted to another guy, but I think I'll give it a rest and just focus on school and my relationship with Romeo for a while. He's attracted to a girl right now, and I think it's best to let things progress on his side of things without hopping around from guy to guy on my side of things. Besides, this gives us an opportunity to work on those weak spots illuminated by this whole thing.
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