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That's awesome Quad! Congratulations for being able to release that sense of frustration over "living a lie". I know well how frustrating that can be.

Personally I haven't officially come out to my family. My sister lives with us though-I have NO DOUBT she is WELL AWARE. Hell-she's well aware when I pee and she's not even here! We're just close that way.
I KNOW my parents don't give a rip. They love all the parties involved and it won't matter.
Maca has concerns, I think part of it might be pride. I think maybe he's afraid that if everyone knows I have a boyfriend as well (we're in a V currently) then they will think he's less of a man or something. Of course that's damn near to exactly backwards-MY family at least will think he's more of a man for acknowledging and admitting that he loves me enough to be what I need him to be for me without trying to pretend that he's everything which is something my whole family deems impossible for any ONE person to be (everything for another).

ANYWAY-I'm so happy for you being able to be honest and open and feel good about being so.
Hopefully they will continue to grow and learn as well and find themselves more comfortable with knowing that you are happy as you are now!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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