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Default Hello from Dublin.

Hi all.
I've been lurking awhile, but some of these chats are too interesting to stay under my rock muttering to myself

I'm a 31 year-old woman, living in Dublin, Ireland. I'm in romantic, committed relationships with 2 wonderful men. J and I are together eleven years, poly for the last 3 of those. F and I became loves about 18 months ago, after a considerable period of us each being too nervous to act on the attraction, though the slow simmer was delightful... Neither I, J or F has any other deep connections at the moment, but we've all been dating of late, and gosh that's fun.

I'm open about my loves to my friends and social circle, am having a few difficulties with family coming-outness and rather nervous about being outed at work. I'm most interested in hearing others' stories and learning about enduring poly relationships as people age and change.

I think that's enough for an intro, yes?
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